Cloud health Solution

- changing healthcare dynamics


Is your product stand alone or can it be interfaced and integrated with an organization’s installed platform?

Both - Able to be used stand alone. Structured to be interfaced within the organization’s Information System to maximize decision making benefits through data integration;
It can be interfaced and integrated within various vendor software. Some interfacing restrictions may apply.
Nurse Optima is interfaced with the HIS system for a basic application (basic pt data, nurses time and attendance etc.). Additional interfaces to scheduling systems and the electronic medical record are optional and facility specific.

Who owns the data?

The client owns and houses all data to facilitate ease of access and ensure security. Though we have an option of storing clients data on the Cloud.

Does the product provide specific hours and skill mix for each patient event?

Yes, Through patient classification, each patient is categorized into an acuity group that is defined by a range of care hours and into a complexity group which provides a relative measure of the skill required. Classification typically is performed at the start of the shift.

Are caregivers/data users involved in system design and maintenance at client site?

Yes, Nurse Optima relies heavily on input from the hospital’s design team.  It is critical to the success of any patient classification system to have organizational “buy in” to the process.

What is the initial cost of the application and what are the yearly maintenance fees?

  • Our pricing model is derived by the number of beds.
  • List price per facility varies depending on size, requirements, and integration.

Software licensees:

  • Subscription Term: Select pay-as-you-go subscription options ranging from yearly renewal to 5-year terms are available.
  • Please contact us for more information.