Cloud health Solution

- changing healthcare dynamics


Company Overview

Cloud health solution is a next-generation healthcare IT company pioneering Cloud based products designed to help the entire spectrum of the healthcare ecosystem. We provide healthcare technology services and solutions to Healthcare Institutions at an unmatched cost advantage.

The products at Cloud health solution are designed by Health professionals and developed by IT Experts. We strongly believe that the problems of healthcare professionals are best understood by those who have experience in the healthcare domain. Unlike traditional technology companies, Cloud Health Solution comprises a strong team of clinical and medical professionals working alongside IT specialists to create innovative products for Healthcare Institutions.


To foster a culture of innovation, transparency and organizational excellence


To become the Global Partner of Choice for intellectual Healthcare IT based solutions


To provide cost effective IT based solutions for healthcare industry in an ethical, simple and innovative manner


We are a team of skilled and experienced medical and IT professionals with entrepreneurial mindset, risk taking and innovation coming with extensive experience in respective fields. We keep ourselves regularly updated on new developments in the healthcare market.


We Are On Cloud

Cloud Health solution is one of the early adopters of Cloud technology and therefore enjoys the inherent first mover advantage in the healthcare IT space. Our product architecture is designed to support the healthcare ecosystem.

Our Cloud platform supports multi-tenancy allowing easy scalability and multi center management from anywhere, anytime.